Legal Action Fund

The purpose of the MAR Legal Action Fund is to provide financial resources and other funding support to parties, including but not limited to local boards or associations of REALTORS® and MAR members in the State of Montana, engaged in litigation, actual or proposed, which may result in the determination of relevant legal issues in a manner that may have important precedential significance to private property owners, real estate licensees, real estate boards or associations, or the real estate industry generally. The Legal Action Fund is overseen by the Legal Action Committee (LAC), which answers to the MAR Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

In order for a request for funding support to be considered by the LAC it must be shown that the issue: 1) presents an opportunity for clarifying precedent on issues of significance to MAR, other REALTORS® associations or related organizations in the State of Montana, or a substantial portion of MAR membership; or 2) involves legal issues of important precedential significance related to private property rights of members, the public, or others concerned with the protection of private property.

Written requests for funding support must clearly demonstrate the potential for impact on real estate related matters, the operation of REALTOR® associations, or private property rights in the State of Montana. Support is not available for cases that will affect only the particular litigants or affect only the law of a particular local jurisdiction. The Legal Action Committee may adopt guidelines for its use in determining when cases involving only issues of local law may nevertheless have state significance. Funding support approved by the Legal Action Committee must be used for legal fees and expenses only, and may not be used to pay judgments, damages, fines, settlements, or opposing counsel’s legal fees.


The LAC consists of seven REALTOR® members from around the state. For 2015, John Kunz (Coldwell Banker The Falls Real Estate) will serve as Chair.


Copies of LAC agendas and minutes are available upon request. Simply email Amy Jo Fisher, MAR Government Affairs Director, or call her at 406-441-4861.