MAR At The Legislature

MAR At The Capitol: Legislators propose thousands of new bills every session…many that affect real estate. MAR reads them all, so we can support the good ones and oppose the bad.


Members are updated through a variety of outlets, including newsletters, social media and MAR's smartphone app. The app includes briefs on key real estate issues, MAR’s legislative position statement, information regarding calls for action, legislative calendar and links to useful information. Members who download the app will have up-to-the minute access of what is happening at the Capitol. To download the app, go to the website on your smart phone or scan the QR code.

Dear MAR Members,

With ballots in the mail here is the list of MAR supported candidates for your consideration.

Each election cycle, we interview and consider which candidates are committed to working with us on protecting private property rights and issues impacting housing affordability and availability.

This list of candidates represents those that have a record of supporting our issues or offering a commitment to work with us.

Now it is up to us to do your part…so please VOTE.

Of special note, is our strong endorsement of Greg Gianforte for Governor.

If you have any questions about the race for Governor or any other race, please call me to discuss.

Taylor Oldroyd


Congress: Ryan Zinke
Governor: Greg Gianforte
Secretary of State: Corey Stapleton
Superintendent of Public Instruction: Elsie Arntzen
State Auditor: Matt Rosendale
PSC: Mark Sweeney
PSC: Kirk Bushman
PSC: Bob Lake
Ravalli County Com: Greg Chilcot & JR Iman
L&C County Com: Jim Mccormick & Matt Elsaesser
Missoula County Com: Stacey Rye

State House
HD2 Mike Cuffe
HD3 Zach Perry
HD6 Carl Glimm
HD7 Frank Garner
HD 8 Steve Lavin
HD 9 Randy Brodehl
HD 12 Greg Hertz
HD 23 Brad Hamlett
HD 28 Stephanie Hess
HD 33 Casey Knudsen
HD 34 Austin Knudsen
HD 40 Barry Usher
HD 43 Peggy Webb
HD 44 Dale Mortensen
HD 46 Don Jones
HD 47 Kather Kelker
HD 49 Kelly McCarthy
HD 50 Virginia Court
HD 51 Shoots Vies
HD 53 Dennis Lenz
HD 55 Vince Ricci
HD 56 Susan Vinton
HD 57 Forest Mandeville
HD 60 Debra Lamm
HD 64 Kerry White
HD 67 Tom Burnett
HD 80 Becky Beard
HD 85 Teresa Manzella
HD 86 Ron Ehli
HD 88 Ed Grief
HD 96 Adam Hertz

State Senate
SD 2 Dee Brown
SD 3 Keith Regier
SD 11 Albert Olszewski
SD 15 Ryan Osmundson
SD 17 Mike Lang
SD 23 Roger Webb
SD 26 Margie MacDonald
SD 40 Terry Gauthier
SD 47 Dan Soloman



Archived Legislative Information

2015 Session

2013 Session

2011-12 Interim Session

2011 Session