Political Affairs Committee

The MAR Political Affairs Committee (PAC) is tasked by the Board of Directors to oversee all aspects of the association’s lobbying efforts. MAR focuses its lobbying work on the State Legislature and the various regulatory agencies, including the Board of Realty Regulation and primarily the Departments of Environmental Quality, Natural Resources and Conservation, Labor and Industry, and Revenue. The PAC utilizes its official Legislative Position Statement, approved every two years by the Board of Directors, as a policy guide on a broad range of issues.


The PAC roster generally consists of one to three REALTOR® members from each local board. Oftentimes, local Government Affairs Committee Chairs serve on the PAC. Additionally, NAR committee members, the Montana RPAC Trustees Chair, the MAR IMF Trustees Chair, and the MAR First Vice President serve as ex-officio members with a vote. For 2012, Jim Dea will serve as Chair and Ryan Swinney as Vice Chair.

Meeting Schedule

The PAC meets in conjunction with each of the three MAR business meetings. Additionally, the PAC usually meets in November after the elections prior to the upcoming legislative session and teleconferences on the third Wednesday of each month at 2:00 p.m. each month they don’t meet in conjunction with the MAR business meetings. During the legislative session, the PAC teleconferences once a week on Tuesday mornings at 7:00 a.m. The 2012 monthly PAC schedule will be available shortly.


Copies of the PAC agendas and minutes are available upon request. Simply email Amy Jo Fisher, MAR Government Affairs Director, or call her at 406-441-4861.

Legislative Key Contact Program

Legislative Key Contacts serve a crucial role in MAR’s grassroots efforts. Grassroots action occurs when constituents engage their legislator on priority REALTOR® issues. MAR often sends out “calls to action” to the entire membership to demonstrate strength in numbers. However, when a legislator receives a call or email from a REALTOR® constituent in their district that they know personally, they are more apt to listen. MAR recruits anywhere from one to five Key Contacts per district. If you happen to have a personal relationship with a legislator in your district or community, consider volunteering as a Key Contact by completing our sign-up form and sending it in to MAR. Here are the requirements and activities of a Key Contact: Reside within the legislative district in which the appointment is made, whenever possible. Serve the association as a key contact for the same term as the elective term of their legislator. Serve as the principal contact for MAR calls to action and report to MAR a legislator’s response to calls to action. Communicate questions or comments from legislator(s) to MAR Government Affairs staff. Communicate information or requests from MAR Leadership and MAR Government Affairs Staff to legislator(s) as need. Meet as needed with legislators in the local area.

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