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Launched in 2019, Commitment to Excellence (C2EX) from the National Association of REALTORS® empowers REALTORS® to evaluate, enhance and showcase their highest levels of professionalism. It’s not a course, class or designation—it’s an Endorsement that REALTORS® can promote when serving clients and other REALTORS®.




To be eligible to win your 2021 State Dues paid in full, you must fully complete your C2EX endorsement during 2020.


MAR will draw one (1) winner each quarter. 

First Quarter: January - March  Congratulations Jolene Tatum (MOR)

Second Quarter: April - June  Congratulations Luke DenHerder (HAR)

Third Quarter: July - September Congratulations to Diana Brunner (NMAR)

Fourth Quarter: October - December


Here is a list of those that have completed their C2EX endorsement through the month of September. Add your name to this list!

Cindy Lanier, Candis Dorsch, Jolene Tatum, Ronda Tompers, Lynnette Robinson, Mandy Snook, Cindy Slagel, Lynsi DeWaard, Tammy Cunningham, Dennis Cook, Ted Dykstra Jr., Kristine Dunn, Jodie Cross, Joyce Miller, Tobie McDonnell, Robin Wallace, Brian Nicodemus, Tami Sanderson, Natalie Anderson, Cindy Waltz, Carly Kelley, Kris Hawkins, Allie Moore, Jackie Smart, Judy Kivela, Bethany Taylor, Tracy Johnson, David Fetveit, Jen Dolan, Nicole Bruce, Gene Garrison, Rhiannon Coburn, Lacy Richter, Patrick Nagle, Melissa Santa, Owen Kelley, Susan Kratt, Todd Schmidt, Nikki Frizzell, Doug Smith, Sue Ann Atkinson, Phil Labuda, Diane Beck, Margaret Asay, Inna Lemiaza, Jamie Schiltknecht, Codi Filcher, Jamie Miller, Corey Olofson, Rob Wigton, Nan Wise, Tara McCreedy, Denise Belt, Tracy Rossi, Joyce Polish, Kat Palmiotti, Janine Rubinfier, LaRinda Spencer, Danny Ball, Billie Klasna, Heather Smelker, Ryan Stavnes, Andrea Raulston, Rachel Anderson-Griest, Mark Corner, Kim Cripps, Erin Mandeville Strand, Ann Brower, Leann Herzog, Aubrey Roth, Nathan Goodman, Jesse Ennis, Kimberly Ehrlich, Rochelle Houghton, Lynnette Avery, Jim Benner, Christian Byard, Shelli Callan, Carolyne Calvin, Jayde Conrad, Rose Cook, Luke DenHerder, Bessie Evans, Sandi Hall, Misty Hill, Shauna Longmire, Mark McQuirk, Megan Moran, Tim Peacher, Heather Rush, Tara Harbin, Breanna Seymour, Jenna Simanton, Kristin Zuckerman, Misty Hill, Lindsay Lalonde, Kristin Kerr, Diana Brunner, Judy Gudgel, Karen Freemen, Cherie Neudick, Terry Burback, Jennifer Swartz, Brandie Kittle, Stefanie Hanson, Jeanette DiGiallondardo, Ann Petersen, Cheri Flesher, Dylan Conger, Serena Stockton-Bowerman, Sarah Stahlberg, Lindsay Daniels, Jack Rhodes, Charity Waldo, Margaret Springer, Douglas Syme, Luci Edwards, Demaneah Weil, Lindsay Smith, Glenn Leming, Jessica, Lenz, Eric Belanger, Brittany Buckallew, Jesse Plevel, Patty Holmes, Doryce Hawkins, Kat Dodd, Jerry Hogan, Janeen Lembke, Stephanie Patterson, Margurite Wandler, Russel Wandler, Gina Ellis, Rena Saunier, Jacquelyn Hupp, Kimberly Wortman, Cindy Zaluski, Brenda Miller, Angie Friedner, Naomi Wheat, Charles Lapp, Bill Leininger, Denise Lafaver, Suzie Countway, Lacy Cates, Michael Kent, Lisa Keller, Jill Hinrichs, Renae Olson, Karen Biron, Joan McKiernan, Linda Pistorese, Laurel O'Neal, Tracy Brink, Shelly Horsley.

The Follow People Completed Their C2EX Endorsement in November:
Krista Orona, Janua Poindexter, Cindy Ruth and Brenda Twete.






Get Digital Marketing Certified

Consumers want everything at their fingertips which means it's crucial to learn how to connect with them in the digital environment we live in.



How to Sell an Unseen Home Site

Now more than ever, buyers are purchasing homes before they even see them in person.  Learn how to be equipped to handle this type of selling situation when it arises.



Education that moves you forward! - SEE EXPANDED COMPLIMENTARY EDUCATION!

RRC offers lifecycle, agent-to-agent learning spanning the career of the residential real estate agent.

They are offering webinars, reduced cost and complimentary online courses, and other resources to help you and your business.


Check out RRC's Education Assistant


BettsWorks/Real Estate Speakers

Can't get enough of JMan, Trista Curzydlo and The BOOM Team?

We’ve curated numerous free offers and resources from our group here at BettsWorks / and put them ALL ON ONE PAGE for you:

This site will be updated frequently as new items become available, etc. Our team has made a commitment to offering great resources & offers with no selling.


Courses and resources from NAR

E-Pro Certification Course - This course IS approved by MAR for 12 CE credits

Free On-demand Learning from IREM

NAR Financial Wellness Webinars





As the Real Estate world continues to evolve, we understand the importance of providing you with excellent education and we recognize the growing demand for CE in an on-line format. We are proud to introduce a new partnership with The CE Shop to provide CE training in an easy to use on-line format.

Through this partnership you can access great online continuing education courses that are state approved and 100% accredited! Additionally, once you complete the course you can access your certificate instantly and The CE Shop manages all reporting to the state. 

We are excited to offer this great resource for CE training and look forward to an even more robust on-line education platform as the year progresses!


Simply visit 


Through our partnership with McKissock 100% Education, MAR offers:

  • A 100% money back guarantee
  • Customer service 7 days a week
  • Customizable money saving course packages
  • The ability to sample a course before purchase
  • Over 30 approved real estate course topics
  • An Ethics course that meets the NAR Quadrennial requirements

Please click on the icon below to browse courses available. 




Upcoming Continuing Education Courses

 Unless otherwise noted, all classes are virtual.


Jan. 6 Code of Ethics  (In Person) Bozeman 406-585-0033
Jan. 8 Montana Forms  (In Person) Bozeman 406-585-0033
Feb. 3 Contract to Closing Bozeman 406-585-0033
Feb. 3 Title Bootcamp Bozeman 406-585-0033
Feb. 3 Escrow Bootcamp Bozeman 406-585-0033
Mar. 3 Supervising Broker Update Course  (In Person) Bozeman 406-585-0033
Mar. 3 Beyond the Transaction  (In Person) Bozeman 406-585-0033
Mar. 26 Tax Write-offs for the Self Employed  (In Person)
Bozeman 406-585-0033
Mar. 26 Investment &  Strategies for REALTORS  (In Person) 
Bozeman  406-585-0033




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