CRS Class


 Two 1 Day CRS Courses Taught by Chris Bird


Increase Your Wealth With Rentals and Other Investment Properties (8 CE)

Wednesday, March 25th


Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional (8 CE)

Thursday, March 26th


(these classes are already built into GRI 301. If you are already registered for GRI 101 or 201, this class runs concurrently and you cannot take the CRS courses.)

Open registration for the CRS course is  by    CLICKING HERE logging in and selecting the EVENTS TAB.

Then select REGISTER for GRI 2020 and on the next page you will find the option to register for one or both CRS classes.


CRS Course Prices

Both Classes - $185

1 Class - $92.50


Login to the RAMCO portal of the MAR website using: (USERNAME: is your NRDS number

PASSWORD: is your last name with the first Letter capitalized. Ex. Smith)


We recommend accessing the portal using Google Chrome. The portal is optimized for Chrome and if you are using Safari, there are several privacy and security preferences that have to be changed in order to successfully login. 


 If you still encounter issues, please contact MAR at 406-443-4032

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