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Interact CE


It's time to renew your license.

Renew by October 31st.

Get your 12 hours of CE credits in before you renew!

Introducing a New Way to Learn

Montana Association of REALTORS® introduces Interact CE, the 1# recommended license renewal product that's both fun and proven superior learning. Refine your skills and earn CE credit while playing the part of a real-estate professional put in real life situations. 

Play now! 


It’s Game On for the Real Estate Industry

Ready for a new twist in continuing education? Domino’s uses it to help new employees quickly and accurately learn how to top all of its pizzas. HP leverages it to show workers the different ways that their interactions influence its brand. And NTT Data utilizes it to help future leaders explore new management subject areas, collaborate, and get recognition for their efforts as potential leaders. 

What do all three of these organizations have in common? Each one uses gaming to engage and educate constituents for various different reasons. 

These organizations aren’t alone in their realization that fun and work really do mix. In fact gamification dates back to the 1800s and can be described as the “concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals.” According to Gamification in Business: The Ultimate Game Changer, it is the process of taking something that already exists (like a website, an application, an online community) and integrating game mechanics into it to motivate participation, loyalty, and to foster engagement. 


Getting CE Credits is Fun and Easy

 Play now!


Special message from Interact CE CEO

I know taking your hours every two years is not your favorite thing. It might fall between seeing the dentist and doing your taxes. I had the same thought you have. There must be a better way! That thought brought me into a partnership with one of the most brilliant gamification pioneers of our time. Together we created a line of CE offerings that is entertaining and efficient! Gamified learning is a proven superior method to classroom learning. You'll remember more, test better but best of all you'll actually have fun!





"I've been doing CE for years, the courses were actually relevant. I didn't want to stop because I was actually enjoying it. The simulation makes it exciting and feels like you’re are actually doing Real Estate work while learning and getting your hours." - Abraham Valdes Jr.


"Interact CE is an innovative, fresh new way to learn! Wonderful training for the actual day to day of selling real estate. Never have I had clock hour education go by so quickly.” Dale Chumbley CRS, REALTOR®


"Game Works is a great system to reach REALTORS® in a fun and innovative way.” Marianne Bornhoft NAR Director


“Interact CE provide a unique… online education in a format that improves every aspect of the learning experience ranging from engagement, retention, and enjoyment. This is essentially the goose that lays golden egg for all Education Directors...” Mary Hull-Dury, Wa REALTORS®, Dir. of Education


“I found myself looking forward to completing my CE hours. This is by far the best way to get CE your hours, better than any other online course I’ve taken in the past.” Gary Gallinger Commercial Real Estate Agent


“Interact CE kept me interested as I read the material I needed to know for the tests. I was engaged at every step and eager to see how much money I could make at the end of the game.” Rudy Tomich Real Estate Agent


“The Colorado Association of Realtors® strives to provide its members with cutting-edge tools that impact their business.  Partnering with Interact CE enables us to offer our members continuing education in a fun, innovative, interactive format.  Interact CE is a unique platform to drive member engagement with measurable results.” Jamie Richards, Vice President of Professional Development, Colorado Association of REALTORS®


“Interact CE is an excellent learning tool that provides agents with an opportunity to receive their hours in a fun and compelling way. The real-life simulator leaves you wanting to learn more, which is why I’m excited we have chosen to share this program with our members.” Jen Wallace, Interim Communications & Marketing Director


“We work on issuing top-of-line programs and products for our Brokers. Interact CE has proven itself as a revolutionary tool with interactive learning. We are proud to be the sole provider of gamified real estate continuing education in Oregon.” Jake Conley, Education & Communications Coordinator


“Interact CE is a great interactive program that is a fresh, new way for agents to receive their continuing education hours. I encourage REALTORS to give it a try.” Margot Willis, 2017 President of Washington Association of Realtors






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