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2022 MAR Regional Ambassador Application
Regional Ambassadors serve an important role for MAR and are voting members on the MAR Board of Directors and Executive Committee.
MAR has 3 Regional Ambassadors. One each from Western Montana, Central Montana and Eastern Montana. (See Map)
All three positions will be open in 2022.
They are for a term of one year and are appointed by the President and President-Elect.
The terms begin in Mid-November following the NAR convention. 
Job Description includes:
  • Must have knowledge of advocacy for state and national issues.
  • Shall have served on either a state or national committee.
  • Must attend MAR Business meetings to report on, and advocate for, members in their respective regions
  • Must report on the number of local contacts they make as well as the discussions involved.
    • Discussion with locals should include topics such as: What are you looking for from MAR,and how do we best meet member needs?
  • May require a written report to be submitted to MAR prior to the business meetings.
  • The positions will receive oversight from the MAR CEO as well as the President and President-Elect.
  • These positions will serve as voting members of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.
  • These positions will also participate on the MAR REALTOR® Champion Council.
  • Regional Ambassadors shall communicate among themselves sharing examples of what each local association is doing to meet Core Standards.
Applications are Due Monday, September 27th by 5pm. Email completed application to

2022 MAR Officer Elections
Mark Dobrenski has applied for President Elect.
Michelle Haverstick has applied for First Vice President.
An electronic election will be held for this election.
Voting opens August 4, 2021 and closes September 4, 2021
All MAR members will receive an email link from Election Buddy to the email address on record with NAR's database.
Election winners will be announced at the Annual Membership meeting in Big Sky, MT on September 23, 2021
For further information on the petition process, please contact Samantha Smith at
The online voting polls will open for all REALTOR® members from August 4, 2021 through September 4, 2021. Winners will be announced at the Annual Membership meeting in Big Sky, MT on September 23, 2021.
The positions to be elected are President Elect and First Vice President. The Treasurer serves a two year term to coincide with MAR's fiscal year.
William "Bill" Leininger is the 2021 President Elect and will automatically advance to the position of President.
Please contact Samantha Smith at with any questions.


2021 MAR Officers



Candis Dorsch




Bill Leininger  



First Vice President 

 Mark Dobrenski




MAR Regional Ambassadors
Western Region: Brint Wahlberg
Central Region: Gary Shea



2021 NAR Directors


John Herring


Tim Lund




2021 NAR Committee Appointments

38 MAR members were appointed to NAR committees this year.

View the appointments here


Please contact Samantha with any questions at 


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