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MAR Leadership

 Applications for 2023 Regional Ambassadors Now Available!

MAR Regional Ambassadors provide a connection between local associations and MAR.

There are 3 Regional Ambassador positions.

Western, Central, Eastern

Email your completed application to Samantha Smith, ssmith@montanarealtors.org

Application Deadline is Friday, September 23, 2022

Overview of the RA Position

Regional Ambassador Application



2023 MAR Officer Candidates
The Nomination and Credential Review Subcommittee has reviewed Officer Applications for 2023 Officers.
The following candidates are running for President-Elect and First Vice President.
Click on their name or picture to read their application.
The online election will start August 16th and run through September 15th.
MAR members will receive an email when the election opens.
The winners will be announced at the MAR Fall Convention Gala Dinner and General Membership Meeting September 22nd.
If you have questions about the election, please contact Samantha Smith at ssmith@montanarealtors.org or by phone at 406-443-4032.
MAR President Elect
                                         Michelle Haverstick                          DJ Smith
                                                                                                Candidate Video
MAR Frist Vice President
                                  Beth Duke                               Jennifer Shea                    Robin Wallace
                                      CANDIDATE VIDEO                                    CANDIDATE VIDEO                         CANDIDATE VIDEO


  2022 MAR Officers


Bill Leininger  



President Elect

 Mark Dobrenski



First Vice President 

Michelle Haverstick




MAR Regional Ambassadors
Western Region: Kat Dodd
Central Region: Lorie Jean Schult

MAR Member Reports from May 2022 NAR Mid Year


MAR Member Reports from Nov. 2021 NAR Convention


2022 NAR Directors


John Herring


Tim Lund


2022 NAR Directors 

Lacy Browne


2022 NAR Committee Appointments

38 MAR members were appointed to NAR committees this year.

View the appointments here


Please contact Samantha with any questions at ssmith@MontanaRealtors.org 


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