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Issues Mobilization Fund

The Issues Mobilization Fund (IMF) can help MAR positively impact public opinion and public policy to protect our industry, our clients, our communities, and the American Dream of homeownership. The IMF is overseen by an independent Board of Trustees. All funding comes from voluntary contributions from members like you. RPAC helps recruit & elect good pro-business candidates. IMF explores water policy, local land use planning, taxes, infrastructure financing, housing, and transportation policies that may directly affect the future of our business. It is critical that REALTORS® play a prominent role in the policy-making process to impact those decisions. 

Applying for Funding

Q. Who may submit a request for funds?
A. Any local board or association may request funds to support their campaign for or against a local decision or action that could heavily impact REALTORS®, our clients, and our communities.

Q. How do we request these funds?
A. All requests for funding should be submitted to MAR on the official Issues Mobilization Fund Request Form. The request will then be evaluated by the IMF Trustees to ensure that all the criteria requested on the form are met.

Evaluation Criteria

Q. What are the key factors that will be used to approve the request?
A. The most significant factor to be considered is the impact the issue or measure will have on REALTORS®, our business, property owners, or the quality of life of our communities as a whole. The local board or association should present a specific issue advocacy plan to utilize the funds to accomplish the goals.

Q. What are the funds used for?
A. The funds help local boards and associations in all aspects of their issue advocacy program including radio, TV, or newspaper ads, mailings, brochures, phone campaigns, and forums or other events to educate the public or targeted audiences on the issue. Funds also can be used to fund research to educate decision makers and the public on REALTOR® issues.

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The MAR IMF Board of Trustees Roster generally consists of one to three REALTOR® members from each local board. For 2018, DJ Smith will serve as Chair.


Copies of MAR IMF Board of Trustees agendas and minutes are available upon request. Contact Mark Simonich, CEO at or (406) 443-4032

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