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MAR at the Legislature

  • As the 2019 Legislative Session draws to a close, MAR has had a successful session to date, but we continue to work towards a strong finish.
  • Below you will find a list of bills we supposed this Session. These bills are alive and are moving to the Governor's desk.
  • You will also see a list of bills we opposed during the Session. These bills have been tabled and are most likely dead.
  • After the Legislature wraps up, MAR will provide a full recap of our work. 


  Session Calendar

    2019 Session calendar here!

   Bill Summary

     2019 Bill Summary

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Bills We Supported This Session

SB 77 - Allows the Rookie Course to be included in the pre-licensing education curriculum. (THIS BILL HAS BEEN SIGNED BY THE GOVERNOR)

SB 269 - Creates a registry and standards for home inspectors, including education and insurance requirements. (Bill has passed the legislature and is on its way to the Governor) 

SB 276 - Creates a more straightforward process for converting condominiums to townhomes. (Bill has passed the legislature and is on its way to the Governor)

HB 376 - MAR bill that eliminates the only rarely used Real Estate Recovery Account and moves the balance to the Housing Montana Fund. (Bill has passed the legislature and is on its way to the Governor) 

HB 416 - MAR legislation that requires errors and omissions insurance for brokers and salespeople in order to better protect consumers and REALTORS® and to increase professionalism in our industry. (Bill has passed the legislature and is on its way to the Governor)


Bills We Opposed This Session

HB 253 - Allowed local governments to require properties to register on a vacant property registry, even if occupied, and allowed registration fees of up to $10,000 every six months. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 372 - Allowed local governments to increase property tax rates faster than state law currently provides for. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 402 – Allowed counties to levy a new tax on certain properties for combatting aquatic invasive species.  While stopping AIS is important, another bill already proposes to raise money from other sources to do that. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 445 Required landlords to allow cardholders to grow marijuana within or on rental properties. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 474 - Required owners of mobile home parks to pay each of their tenants at least $5,000 for moving costs if the owner decided to change the use of their property. (Deadline missed for General Bill Transmittal)

HB 572 - Required the Board of Realty Regulation to set a limit on the number of salespeople a broker may supervise.  This bill wouldn’t have improved the quality of supervision and would have unduly interfered with members’ business practices. (Deadline missed for General Bill Transmittal)

HB 600 Placed unreasonable limitations on transferring water from exempt wells. (Deadline missed for General Bill Transmittal)

HB 697 – Eliminated the mortgage interest deduction from Montana income tax. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 675 – Placed a new and very expensive tax on second homes. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)

HB 708 Decreased by half the volume of water allowed for use by exempt wells. (Deadline missed for Revenue Bill Transmittal)



Legislators propose thousands of new bills every session…many that affect real estate. MAR reviews them all, so we can support the good ones and oppose those with negative impacts for our industry. 









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