NAR Committees



JIM ANDERSON - REALTOR® Party Trustees for Campaign Services Committee

DIANE BECK - REALTOR® Party Member Involvement Committee and Board of Directors

LACY BROWNE - Public Policy Coordinating Committee and YPN Advisory Board

DENNIS COOK - Federal Taxation Committee

CANDIS DORSCH - RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee

BETH DUKE - Membership Policy and Board Jurisdiction Committee

ROBYN ERLENBUSH - Professional Development Committee 

MICHELLE HAVERSTICK - Professional Standards Commitee

JOHN HERRING - Risk Management Issues Committee

MARY AHMANN HIBBARD - Communications Committee

ANDREW HURLBURT - Professional Standards Committee

CYNTHIA LANIER - Professional Standards Committee, Real Property Valuation Committee

BILL LEININGER - Insurance Committee

PAUL LENCIONI - Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee  

TIM LUND - Small State Forum, State Leadership Idea Exchange Council, and Board of Directors

RICH MAYO - State and Local Issues Policy Committee 

MIKE NUGENT - Multiple Listing Issues and Policies Committee

TERI POLUMSKY - Professional Standards Committee

ANDY POLUMSKY - Housing Opportunity Committee

MATT ROSBARSKY - Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

GARY SHEA - Federal Taxation Committee

JENNIFER SHEA -  Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee

DJ SMITH - RPAC Major Investor Council

SUSAN SMITH - Meeting and Conference Committee, Resort and Second Home Real Estate Committee

JOLENE TATUM - Professional Development Committee

RONDA TOMPERS - Public Policy Coordinating Committee

KEN VIDAR - Commercial Committee

DAN WAGNER - Board of Directors, Broker Engagement Council

ROBIN WALLACE - Diversity Committee

TRINA WHITE - Conventional Financing and Policy Committee

FREDA WILKINSON - Housing Opportunity Committee

MARIE WILLSON - Leading Edge Advisory Board Member

JANNIE WISEMAN - Housing Opportunity Committee, RPAC Participation Council



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