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REALTOR® Realtalk is the Montana Associations of REALTORS® new video series. The slogan, “Real Advice for Real Agents,” is an insight into what we hope this series will become: an avenue for your receive relevant information from your peers and experts in the field. The videos will be hosted on our website ( so that if you missed an episode that was included in reMARks or posted on our Facebook, you can go back and watch it whenever you want, as many times as you want.

 Look forward to the following topics in the upcoming months: Advocacy, Technology, Legal, Education, Leadership, Marketing, Design, Finance.

 Know someone who should be featured for being an expert in their field or have suggestions on topics we should cover? Contact Eric Seidle at and nominate them for an episode!


EPISODE #2 - Video Marketing with Brandon Orr, Regional Director at Helena Small Business Development Center

PART #1 - Types of Videos

Brandon Orr, Regional Director of the Helena Small Business Development Center explains the different types of video that agents can use to promote their business.


PART #2 - Benefits of Video

Part #2 - Brandon covers the benefits of using video in your marketing.


PART #3 - Equipment

Part #3 - The necessary equipment to create high quality video is explained by Brandon.


PART #4 - Tips 

Part #4 - This last section of the Video Marketing series goes over some great tips to make your videos the best they can be.




EPISODE #1 - Advocacy featuring Taylor Oldroyd


Pilot. Taylor Oldroyd gives and overview of MAR's involvement in the 2017 legislation, the session, the bills we are involved in, and our lobbying team.



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