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Guest Blogger Criteria

MAR GUEST BLOGGING CRITERIA: What we are looking for in a guest blog.

We want to showcase your blog and share your knowledge! In order to make sure the articles we post align with the Montana Association of REALTORS® vision, we’ve put together some criteria for what blogs we will and will not post.


#1 - Aligns with the MAR Vision

MAR Vision: REALTORS® ... the ultimate resource for real estate excellence.

We want all of our members to excel in real estate, and we want to showcase the members who are going above and beyond. The guest blog pieces we will be presenting will follow our vision and promote the real estate industry as whole.


#2 - Accurate

We want to make sure that your facts are checked, so that no one gets embarrassed if something doesn’t check out.


#3 - Positive

We want this blog to be a positive resource for members and the general public to get information about real estate. Because of this, we will not repost any “bashing” pieces. If you don’t have anything nice to say… then it won’t be posted on our blog.


#4 - Informational & Educational

The articles we are looking for are of value to our membership. We want to share pieces that our members can learn from and that are inspiring to them.

By the same token, the articles need to be carefully crafted and well written. Correct grammar and spelling are essential.


#5 - About the Real Estate Business

Though we would love to host a blog about Montana, we are going to keep the focus on real estate related pieces only. We think articles about the state of Montana, your lifestyle, and the beauty of this state are great pieces for YOUR blog. The MAR Blog will be geared toward real estate and business tips for our members.


Some examples of articles we are looking for:

  • Marketing. How are you getting the word out about your business and your listings?
  • Lead generation.
  • Client relations. What are the best practices for dealing with difficult clients? What makes an ideal client and how does that affect the success of a transaction?
  • Feel good stories. How did your job affect someone in a positive way?
  • Problem solving. How did you overcome an obstacle in a real estate transaction? How can others learn from your experience?
  • Trends. What trends are you noticing in your area or in the industry as a whole?
  • Tips & Tricks. Staging, quality photography, highlighting benefits of surrounding area, etc.
  • Niches. What niches do you focus on and where in the state are those niches “hot”?
  • REALTORS® in the Community. How do you give back to your community? 


Some examples of articles we will NOT post:

  • Listings - we will not be promoting any individuals listing
  • Slam pieces


Submit your idea or article here.

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