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Create a Healthier Living Space

Posted by: Kathie Butts on Wednesday, January 22, 2020

When you think of wellness, does your living space come to mind? If you want to improve your quality of life, you might be interested in wellness-focused interior design.


This style of design uses natural elements to boost your mood, increase your productivity and influence your mental well-being.


Here are four ways you can bring this trend into your home:


1. Let in the light. The sun’s light can elevate your mood and promote alertness. Take advantage of daylight by arranging workspaces near windows, using light-filtering curtains or strategically hanging mirrors to reflect more light. Natural light can recenter your sleep cycle and promote vitamin D production — two keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


2. Promote air circulation. Proper air circulation provides a regular temperature, removes impurities and that “stale” feeling, and prevents mold. For better air quality, use ceiling fans, open the windows and install attic vents. The more space there is in a room, the more air can circulate.


3. Add more plants. Being close to nature can improve your overall well-being. Plants add color to your home, purify the air and may even reduce stress. Bring the outside in by adding plants to every room in your home, especially the spaces where you spend the most time.


4. Design a calming space. Create a private sanctuary that’s free of distractions, like clutter and electronic devices. Dedicate time to this space so you can calm your mind, gain a fresh perspective and reflect on your day.


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