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12 Smart Ideas for Dealing With the Paint Shortage

Posted by: Leanne Potts on Thursday, March 24, 2022

The paint shortage isn’t likely to improve any time soon. Sherwin Williams, the largest paint manufacturer in the U.S., says it’s uncertain when paint production will be back to normal.

You’re wondering, “So, how am I going to get rid of these outdated red walls in my kitchen?!”  We some tip the painting pros have.

1. Buy paint in bulk and buy early.

2. Paint only the problem areas. 

3. Clean your walls, baseboards, and trim.

4. Paint an accent wall. 

5. Be flexible when choosing a paint brand. 

6. Stick with same brand for the whole job if possible.

7. Hire a professional painter to leverage their buying power.

8. Use recycled paint.

9. Consider wallpaper instead of paint. 

10. Power wash your home’s exterior before you paint.

11. Paint just the front of your house. 

12. Put a clear topcoat over your exterior paint.

You can still paint your house during this supply chain mayhem. You’ll just have to plan ahead, pay higher paint prices, and be flexible in your choices. 


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